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408MX is closed until further notice.
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From Chris Stille.
Taking a risk and fixing problems last minute was the norm for me. We had an investor willing to take over 408mx with the 10% rent increase starting on Jan 1st 2018. Everything was lined up and ready to go. Just got word from Santa Clara County FMC that they met and decided they don’t want a motocross track to continue at the fairgrounds in spite of my pleading. FMC has been good to us as tenants so please don’t bash em. We’re gonna run and have fun till Jan 4th or 5th. More to follow…

Additionally, Please contact by both email and phone Abraham Andrade (FMC) Aandrade@thefair.org to share your positive comments regarding 408MX. Please reference the 408mx as the athletics field.

Be sure to read the feature story on line from the San Jose Mercury News.

Channel 7 ABC News stopped by the track with this story.

Video about 408MX from KPIX 5

408MX is located in the heart of the Silicon Valley within the famous Santa Clara County Fairgrounds. We pride ourselves as being one of the absolute, premier Motocross tracks in Northern California. Track is fully prepped every day we are open with segmented sessions as needed. Sometimes we close for certain large events at the fairgrounds (called Black out dates) and from time to time, we host several races throughout the year. Check out our upcoming events page for more details on races and black out days.

Hotline for weather related updates: 
(408) 595-0901

Practice Schedule and hours:
Thursdays: open/seg 2pm-8pm
Saturdays: open/seg 9am-2pm
Sundays: open/seg 9am-3pm

New 2017 insurance regulations require us to use a New Minor Waiver that requires both parents signatures. Once on file it will be good for all of 2017. If both parents can’t make it to the track the signatures must be notarized or witnessed by a track official. All notarized waivers will be rebated $10 on the first entry fee. If you have sole legal custody or are the sole legal guardian or parent you can initial the appropriate box. Please plan accordingly and have these ready ahead of your track days. Download the form Here.

408MX Location:
2542 Monterey Rd. Gate D
San Jose, CA 95111-1913
Enter and Exit Thru Gate D Only


$40 for big bikes
$35 for mini’s.
$5 for spectators

Because we operate a closed circuit, Green stickers, Red stickers or spark arrestors are not needed.

April 2, 2018

Hey guys, I am new in the area and the only place I have rode is 408 mx. Sad to ask, but where else is there to ride?

March 16, 2018
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February 3, 2018

I finally sent off my response to Supervisor Chavez's form letter

Good morning Supervisor Chavez,

Thank you for taking the time in responding to my concerns. I must however dispute your facts and I encourage you to look further into this matter.

I understand that the agreement is with FMC who ... See more

January 31, 2018

Here is the email I received from Cindy Chavez.

Good afternoon, thank you for contacting me about the 408MX facility at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds. I have reached out to the Fairgrounds Management Corporation (FMC) to learn as much as I could about this situation.

First some ... See more