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408MX Adventure Rides on Stump House Ridge is a privately owned Mountain Playground with a combination of Single track, Hard Enduro, Endurocross, Trials, MX and Old School Motocross. Our home is in the Hills of Los Gatos California where a variety of soil and great weather make it the perfect place to ride your bike and surround yourself in Redwoods. We do track rentals, bike and gear rentals, group rides and classes for private parties or groups on a regular basis.   

Get ready because this is gonna be one of the best experiences of your life. 

We also have an iconic motorcycle collection, ranging from old school classics to modern day marvels. You can choose the one you like the most and ride around !

The track is also available for events, races and more. We host some events so make sure you stay tuned.

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We are located in the hills of Los Gatos, CA. Available for private rides, training, lessons & events

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An iconic motorcycle collection, ranging from old skool classics to modern day marvels. Available for rent & private lessons



We welcome to the sport novice, experienced veterans, travelers from abroad, groups of friends, bucket lists, staged photo shoots, reunions, birthdays, special occasions and locals to join in the fun. If you're from another country and you want to check out the MX Adventure Rides world with us, we salute you! Riding lessons, training and guided tours can be provided with our services.The crew at 408mx Adventure Rides strives to provide a prepped track, plus vintage or new motorcycles. Our experienced team creates a good flow for both the novice and pro rides.

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